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This course contains all you need to build your network, chaincodes, APIs, integrations and interactive workshops!

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Most of companies who start using Fabric fail to launch a project on time

Kubernetes, Networking, Certificates, Decentralization, Governance... There's so much going on.


Software engineers trying to understand Fabric


Struggle to make it work and delay the project


Quit project

Start with your Fabric project in days, not weeks.

Boilerplates to speed up your development and save you time. Scripts to test and deploy your network. Automation to scale up and down your network. FabricFast provides you the tools so you can learn and build the most secure Fabric networks.
TerraformCI/CDDevelopmentPerformanceCertificatesDev tools


  • Build networks with 1-button
  • 6 different network topologies ready to be deployed
  • Boilerplate to deploy to any Kubernetes cluster
  • Scale up & down as you want
  • Time saved: 2 weeks

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Concepts

Simple no-tricks pricing

Perfect for developers and DevOps who want to learn Fabric and build real-world applications.

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Join innovators that are already learning Fabric. Get access to our entire course library and learn Hyperledger Fabric the right way.

Whatโ€™s included

  • Remote chaincode development (zero dependencies)
  • Chaincode boilerplate in NodeJS
  • API boilerplate using Fabric Gateway in NodeJS
  • Terraform (IAAC) templates to deploy scalable networks
  • Chaincode performance benchmarks and how to make your chaincode fast
  • Discord community
  • Private questions via Linkedin/Discord
  • Lifetime updates

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David Viejo โ€“ Hey there, Iโ€™m the main maintainer of bevel-fabric-operator

With 3+ years of expertise in crafting robust networks in Hyperledger Fabric.

I've been in almost any role you can imagine: from developer to architect, from DevOps to network manager. I've seen it all.

I decided to share my knowledge with companies that are willing to implement blockchain in their business. I've seen many companies struggle with the same issues over and over again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1/ Boilerplates to start your Fabric Project:
    - Terraform boilerplate
    - Chaincode boilerplate
    - API boilerplate

    2/ Tutorials end to end on how to deploy, manage, develop and benchmark Fabric networks

    3/ Access to our Discord with learners who want to learn Fabric

    • Competitive Advantage: Blockchain is reshaping industries. Don't just participate; lead the transformation in your sector.
    • Cost Reduction: Implementing blockchain can be costly. Our course helps you avoid common pitfalls, saving time and resources.
    • Security & Compliance: With our guidance, enhance your security protocols and stay compliant with the latest regulations.
    • Scalability & Reliability: Learn to scale your blockchain solution while maintaining utmost reliability.
  • Yes! You can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Reach out by email.

  • This course is meticulously designed for Technical Managers, System Architects and Lead Developers who are at the forefront of implementing and scaling blockchain technology within their organizations.

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If you've been looking for a way to learn Hyperledger Fabric, this is the course for you. Perfect for developers and DevOps who want to learn Fabric and build real-world applications.