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Reduce your Time To Market by half by focusing on the business, not the infrastructure

Our integrated services

Everything you need to deploy your blockchain application

Push to Deploy

Your smart contracts and extra tools will be automatically deployed after you push new changes


We'll never leave you alone, during and after the project we will support you on any use case needed to grow your business

Custom Tools

In order to give visibility, custom tools for your business will be evaluated and developed during the project so that you can see the full picture

Advanced Security

We use cryptography to ensure security, the blockchain network includes Mutual TLS and verifies the certificates before changing any data


Every manual step will be automated so that you can launch and change any configuration on demand

Disaster recovery

Our solutions include a contingency plan which, in 2 hours, the cluster will be completely operational

Open Source contributors

We're mantainers of one of the most complete Hyperledger Fabric Operator in the ecosystem

Customer profile user interface

The most robust technologies


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