IntroducingHLF Operator v1.7

Check the new features included in HLF operator v1.7.0

Kubectl Plugin

The following features have been released:

  • Create Fabric Operations Console
  • Create HLF Operator UI
  • Create HLF Operator API

Minor features

In Discord there's a lot of activity about problems that come up, troubleshooting and solutions.

  • Allow to configure image pull secrets for peer, orderer and CA
  • Check commit readiness to check how many organizaitons have approved
  • Allow to specify the host and port for the Fabric CA when creating a Peer and an Orderer Node

Fabric Operations Console integration

You can now deploy the Fabric Operations Console by IBM using the hlf-operator and the latest kubectl plugin.

You can find the official documentation here

HLF Operator UI integration

The goal of the HLF Operator UI is to provide a simple way to deploy and manage HLF networks.

For now, the functionality is very limited in order:

  • View CAs deployed
  • View orderers deployed
  • View peers deployed

Apart from this, there's a web interface that will show the channels the network config has configured:

Enabling this option will show a Channels link in order to see:

  • Channel configuration
  • Data from blocks (including PDC)
  • Peers belonging to the channel
  • Height of each peer

GRPC Web integration

GRPC Web now can be enable in order to use fabric-operations-console:

Kubectl plugin bug fixes and new features

The following issues have been fixed related to the kubectl plugin:

  • Configurable batch size limit #96
  • Add custom CA attributes to the user in Fabric CA #101
  • Use custom CouchDB image #86
  • Inspect command filter by orderers #93

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