IntroducingHLF Operator v1.4

Check the new features included in HLF operator v1.4.0

Hyperledger Fabric 2.4+ support

The tutorial now includes instructions on how to set up Hyperledger Fabric 2.4+ on your Kubernetes Cluster.

For migration guidelines, check out the Hyperledger Fabric Migration Guide

Improved documentation

The following topics have been described in the documentation webpage:

In-cluster network config

Added the --internal flag to generate a network config that can be used in a cluster, this network config uses internal Kubernetes Services instead of the external endpoints.


kubectl hlf inspect --internal --output org1.yaml -o OrdererMSP -o Org1MSP

Thanks to @adityajoshi12 for the contribution.

External CouchDB

If you need or want to use an external CouchDB database, you can now use it!

Refer to the documentation for more information

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